Reprise …

“Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can’t remember.”
― Spirited Away, Reprise . . .

Mamoru Fujisawa (藤澤 守, Fujisawa Mamoru, born December 6, 1950), known professionally as Joe Hisaishi (久石 譲, Hisaishi Jō), is a Japanese composer and musical director known for over 100 film scores and solo albums dating back to 1981.[1] Hisaishi is also known for his piano scores.

Just the other day I was looking at my 3bones blog, and re-reading my last post … Of Mem’ries and Found Treasures … . I love that poem and it was truly a treasure to find when I opened it up after so many years. I decided it was time to begin a new post.

The first thing I did was think of a name for this post and came up with Reprise … reprise, reprize, repeat, recapitulate(verb) … repeat an earlier theme of a composition. Perfect! Thanks for help with the definition, Google! And then I found the above video and was blown away. I now have a new composer and musical director to explore, Joe Hisaishi. Thanks again, Google!

Then it was down the next Google rabbit hole and I began “googling” (yup, it’s a word and the Merriam-Webster online dictionary says so) the words “paper airplane” and some of the other variations also came up, like “aeroplane.” Now I love words and the English language, mainly because I am unilingual it’s the only one I can speak! So after clicking the Google offerings a few times and going down a few more rabbit holes, I came up with the following musical YouTube gem. Well at least to me it is. Turns out the aeroplane rabbit hole took me to YouTube and I found the perfect song to go with the Of Mem’ries and Found Treasures post.

I wanted to post the YouTube here because I know that the author of Paper Airplane in my last post would probably appreciate them as well, as a matter of fact I know he would. And I know he’ll read this post and watch the video below because I also know he follows me. This is for him.

Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian folk and indie pop group, first formed in 2006 by brother and sister Angus & Julia Stone. “Paper Aeroplane” is a song written by Australian singer and songwriter Angus Stone. Stone originally recorded the song for his 2007 album A Book Like This. Stone and his sister Julia, performed the song as a duo.

I really like the the music of Angus and Julia Stone, and this video really puts it all together well in my opinion. And it turns out it was the very first single Angus Stone published that he and his sister performed.

I first discovered them online a few years ago, and the very first song I listened to of theirs was entitled Big Jet Plane. Big Jet Plane was also the main video soundtrack for Brenda’s daughter Jen and her new husband Jesse when they got married in Copenhagen a couple of years ago. I guess they have a thing for airplanes/aeroplanes, and so do I. Just like Angus and Julia Stone. Mine are just paper.


10 thoughts on “Reprise …

    • Thanks, Eliza … hope you’re keeping well during these crazy times! Thanks for your posts as well. I have been here the last while and keeping up with those that I follow, but just in the shadows right now because it is so crazy and busy. I’ve been reading yours and others when I can, and will comment occasionally. Be safe, be well, be healthy … 💕

    • That is so true, Karima, and thanks for your comment. Finding new music is one of my favourite things to find from a leap down a rabbit hole, but climbing out can be difficult at times.I sometimes it hard remembering my original intention for jumping down in the first place!

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