How does one describe oneself, anyway? I am a proud (and recently retired) Canadian living on Vancouver Island who … loves my family, enjoys my friends, is proud of my career,  golfs often but inconsistently, plays Pickleball, appreciates music, believes in the power of writing, abhors text speak, hates shoveling snow, loves the rain (as long as it doesn’t interfere with my golf), dabbles in photography, loves the Vancouver Canucks, tolerates the BC Lions, savours my wife’s noodle casserole, fancies cooking, welcomes diversity, delights in humour, plays practical jokes, thinks before acting (usually), believes in honesty, plans family dinners, dresses neatly, exercises infrequently, walks often, hikes sometimes, spends too much time at the computer, talks too much, incessantly writes lists, and finally plans on adding to his new posts often. OK, I’m still working on this last one … maybe I should say “has good intentions to add to his new posts often” …


Beginning long ago as a result of inspiration, this blog was recently re-activated (again!) and has developed into a way to communicate with family and friends. I often write recent family health issues and resultant life changes, and my posts are sometimes long. Too long I’ve been told, but I write for me and this will not change. My writings are a therapeutic way for me to share with others … family, friends, and those who just happen to click into my blog … a little about myself and some things about my family. It’s my way of communicating to the rest of the world and relieving life’s stresses. More importantly, it provides me with the catharsis that, for me, comes from writing.


As a personal blog, I reserve the right to remove comments before they are published on this site. If for some reason you want to communicate with me outside of this blog, my e-mail address is … 3bones.250@gmail.com  .


I do not receive compensation of any kind for writing or sharing of this content. I do this because I enjoy writing and the catharsis it brings me. All opinions in my blog are mine and mine alone. I do not promote products in my post, although they may be mentioned from time to time. I have no connection to the products that are mentioned in these posts. I will sometimes post shared and curated content and I will provide attribution in all cases where this possible.  If I have inadvertently posted anything which requires consent, please let me know and your work will be removed immediately.

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  1. Good Morning and thank you, 3Bones, for the like and thoughtful comment. I’v been to Vancouver Island only once but loved it. My gandmother’s sister, Janie Stewart (RIP), lived in Vancouver. Not sure whether it was the city of Vancouver on the mainland or Victoria on Vancouver Island, but, according to family lore (always suspect!), Aunt Janie’s husband once was mayor there. My wife Kay and I spent three weeks on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island and loved the serenity and beauty. My paternal family roots are in Prince Edward Island. Enough! Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.

    • Hi Gordon, and thanks for your comments and your return visit here to my blog as well. I enjoyed reading your blog post and felt it was on point regarding the Manafort conviction. I often feel a sense of abandonment when it comes to many of the injustices in the legal systems in our two countries. And if you were on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, you were most likely in the two neighbouring cities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach, which are part of an area referred to as Oceanside and where my wife and I retired to almost two years ago now. Our population swells every year as we welcome people from all over Canada, the US, and even a few last year from Europe that showed up to play pickleball in our beautiful area. Thanks again for your comments, and I look forward to future posts on your blog …

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