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Stay Home!

I have a lot more time now to do “stuff.” We all do. All of us are at home lately doing stuff. Or should be anyway, unless we are first responders. Most of our neighbours around here are retired and just like the rest of the neighbours in our culdesac, our house is looking like we are getting ready to sell it. Problem is, that with all that is going on the real estate market is pretty much in the tank. So I guess I’ll keep the house … Brenda will be glad to hear that.

I ordered fifteen yards of bark mulch three weeks ago and had it placed on my driveway. My landscaper that did the yard when we built the house told me that I should get fifteen yards. I questioned the amount, but ordered it anyway. After all, he’s the expert, right? So the landscape supply company delivered my mulch …  dark fine was what I ordered and received. Before the driver got there I carefully laid down my tarp on the driveway. Asked the driver to do his best to dump the load on the tarp. He gave me what looked like a wry smile, and said he would do his best. The results of his aim are in the pictures below. At least he hit the driveway. As you can see, there actually was a tarp there under the pile.

Turns out I only needed about eight of those fifteen yards. Two of my neighbours were the lucky recipients of a phone call from me and an invitation to come and have a go at the pile in my driveway. I asked them to just to make sure they used their own wheelbarrow and shovel, and they take turns at the mound while socially distancing. Twenty five hours later I found my tarp again.

Both my neighbours want to say thanks to my landscaper, that fifteen yards not only did my front and back, but both of theirs as well. Front and back for three homes. Good guess by my landscaper, eh? My two neighbours think so. I think I’ll figure it out myself next time!


Until next time … K.

8 thoughts on “Stuff …

  1. You have built a beautiful home. The market is in a slump right now.
    I told myself I wouldnt do another fixer upper but I did so I to am waiting to sell. Keith would u move back to mainland? Or somewhere else?
    I am sure brenda is having a ball over there.

    • Nope … the mainland is not for us anymore whatsoever! When we do have to go back to the mainland for whatever reason, we abhor the traffic and the time it takes to get anywhere. Sure, the BC Ferry system is a PITA, but we don’t have to use it that much anyway. When we are on the ferry and just heading into Duke Point in Nanaimo, we both give a collective sigh of relief and know we are home when we see the harbour. It’s our life now, and will remain so.

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