Hope for Our Future …

Yellow opportunity ahead road sign against a beautiful blue sky

“Tomorrow is another day.

Years from now we will have passed through this fearful foggy swamp of the unknown unknowns into the daylight where we can see clearly the facts of the known knowns.
We will know what we passed through once again.
We will have survived. We will have prevailed.
And we will go on. Because there is no place to go but on.
Good night. Sleep loose.” ~ Robert Fulghum

Robert Fulghum has been my favorite author for a very long time. I have read and I own all of his published writings in one form or another. I often make reference to his writings or to quotes of his in posts in this blog of mine. The quote above is taken from his website, and it’s from his journal entry of March 23, 2020. It’s entitled Plan C or D. You can find a link to Robert’s website and the entry here … Robert Lee Fulghum – Plan C or D.  Thank you, Robert.


If you happened to read my last post of a couple of days ago, you’ll remember that I Gmail - [3bones] Live & Learn liked your post "Easier Done Thanrecently wrote once again after a year away from 3bones. There are many reasons I am back and my last post was on a somewhat personal note. But it is now time for me to move on, and I will do so after this post. I just want to say thanks to a couple more people first. The morning after I posted “Easier Done Than Said?“, I opened one of my WordPress email notifications to see that I had received a “Like” from one of those bloggers that follow me.

WP’ers are already familiar with these emails, but for those family members and close friends that follow me, the image above is what I receive in the form of an email when another WordPress blogger “Likes” a post of mine that they have recently read. WP blogger David Kanigan began following me back in 2013, shortly after I resurrected 3bones and began writing about Brenda’s health challenges.  As part of the “Like ” notice, WordPress also gives you three examples of posts from the “Liker” that may be of interest to you. Now David is very prolific with his blog, and he posts every day. Unlike me. So, I clicked Imperfection is not our personal problem …  which was the first choice in the choice of the three. David’s post that I clicked into as above was from 2012. It spoke to me with something I needed to hear, especially now. Maybe now I can relax about my own imperfections a little. Thanks, David … but I do want to know what you were doing up at 3:35 AM when you clicked “Like.”


Then this morning, another blog post popped into my WP Reader this morning from another blog I follow … calmkate – Aroused . What struck me and spoke to me from Kate’s blog was the following TEDx talk she had linked to it. This was fourteen of the best minutes I have spent in an awfully long time. Thanks, Kate.


8 thoughts on “Hope for Our Future …

  1. Another amazing read.
    I hope this was not your last.
    Opportunities are endless and as u move on to those new opportunities
    I hope that 3 bones will still remain a blogger and we will hear from u from time to time.

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