Morii …

With every click of the shutter,
you’re trying to press pause on your life.
If only so you can feel a little more comfortable moving on
living in a world stuck on play.

~ John Koenig (The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows)



Recently, I read a post that inspired me. There are several WordPress bloggers that I follow, and lately, my morning routine has involved me first getting my morning coffee and then sitting with my iPad and reading through the daily postings of these bloggers. This past Tuesday was one of those days, and I settled in with my coffee to my WordPress Reader when I came to the morning post from fellow blogger ksbeth and the post from her blog entitled i didn’t have my glasses on … sonder. I only know of beth through her blog, she has been posting on WordPress since 2012, and now posts every day with what is usually a simple, thought-provoking post. The image she used and the dictionary definition provided made me want to research the word sonder further, and so I began. beth’s post on the word sonder was a word I had never heard of before, and you can find a YouTube link with a description of the word here … Sonder.

As I was conducting my online research into the word sonder, I came across so many other words that were coined by John Koenig as part of his seven-year project where he creates words that “fill the holes in the language of emotion” so that we as human beings “have a way to talk about all those human peccadilloes and quirks of the human condition that we all feel but may not think to talk about because we don’t have the words to do it.” The word “morii” was one of those words that I really loved.

You won’t find any of Koenig’s words in any physical dictionary.  I was delighted to find that Koenig had coined the words sonder and morii along with so many other words in his online work … The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows . It’s only available online, but it is being produced in print by Simon and Schuster soon. I added my name to the list so I would know when it becomes available.


I was also delighted to find that John Koenig had done a couple of TED talks as well.


The Love of Words

I love the words morii and sonder. I think they help me to express some of the emotions that I feel as a human being.

Thanks, John Koenig, and thanks, beth.



21 thoughts on “Morii …

    • Isn’t he though, Dave? I was really impressed with his works when I learned of him through beth’s blog, and that’s what I enjoy most about WordPress … the learning, discovering, and sharing. Your blog is also one of those that I can always learn from and that I always look forward to every morning …

  1. It is so I.mportant to Express how we feel inside and out. Those are some great words keith. The best part is that they are original words and not from the regular dictionary. I look forward to reading more about the word sonder

    • They are great words, Shelley … and I am pleased that you enjoyed them as well as the others that Koenig has created. And his TED talks are excellent as well.

      • I think I will be listening to one keith.
        Looking forward to reading more of ur posts. Was just on the island last week.
        In parksville. I waved went was visiting the sea lions in french creek marina.

        • I’m sure you will enjoy his talk. And yes … the sea lions … I wake up to their special “music” every morning between 5 and 6 am. We’ve found since moving here that the French Creek Marina is closer than we thought, especially during the herring run when they are here in great numbers. And I thought when I retired I could ditch the alarm clock!

  2. thank you so much for the mention, Keith. I enjoy your blog very much, as well. Koenig is a delight and like you, I am fascinated by descriptive words that express things so perfectly. best – Beth

  3. Absolutely my pleasure this time, Beth. It was a joy to learn about Koenig, and I love the way he crafts his words to express emotions that we all feel, but are that are often difficult to express. He definitely has a way with words. Thanks to you and your blog for the introduction to him …

    • Thanks, Cecilia! I have found Koenig’s work to be extremely interesting and thought provoking as well. I can’t wait for his Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows to come out! Good to see you are back from your vacation I read about on your blog recently …

    • Mia! I am great thanks, as well as can be expected given the current global situation. Thanks for the note, I plan on being regular again for at least a little while and I’ll be popping in and out of your blog while I re-establish myself back into 3bones. We’ll talk again soon, I’m sure …

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