Pun of the Weak: Representing Numbers Without Numbers

This so deserves a reblog! I have been following Edmark’s blog for some time now, and he always makes me laugh with his Pun of the Weak, or just teasing my mind and those of his many his readers with one of his puzzles. And ya just gotta love us Canadians, eh? This particular Johnny Canuck was extremely astute!

14 thoughts on “Pun of the Weak: Representing Numbers Without Numbers

    • Perfect! We Canadians also like transplanted Swiss people whose mother tongue is Schwyzertütsch and who live south of Paris and are trying to learn proper French. So we are very much alike then!

      • Hey Keith, I’m not here to learn proper French….. if that was the case I’d be back in my home country for the longest time – I’m still here because Hero Husband once got a job offer. That would give material for many a post since then but luckily for humanity, I am not having a blog and do only comment on others…. 😉
        However, I could do with a little bit of help with numbers, in general! Maybe that’s why I’m so impressed with your JOhnny!

        • Too bad you don’t have a blog, Kiki, I would be one Canadian who would follow you. And I think I know another Canadian who has a thing for grilled cheese sandwiches who would as well. I did check out your Vol-au-Vent site, but haven’t signed up to follow yet because I am trying to remember what my old Flickr account information was … haha … I had posted some pictures of a 5-day hike I had done to Flickr back in 2010. But, for the life of me I can’t remember how to get back into them to see if they are even still there!

          • You’re not alone with that flickr problem. But if I’m not mistaken, you can search for any of the words you might have used at the time and THEN claim your password or ask for a new one. It USED to be only available if you held a yahoo account, which for many years is no longer necessary. I had then transferred that y-acct to my normal mail account. Try it! You might laugh seeing your old stuff!!!

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