Those Crazy “Canucks” …

“Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer we’d have frozen to death.”  Mark Twain


Book Your Flight: Canada’s International Hair Freezing Competition Is Here

Takhini Hot Pools

If you’re looking to instantly transform your hairstyle, head to Takhini Hot Pools in Canada’s Yukon Territory. The natural hot springs there make it possible to bathe outdoors in extreme freezing weather, resulting in some impressive ‘dos when people get their hair wet and let it harden. As Smithsonian reports, the practice has become so popular that there’s now an annual competition to see who can freeze their hair into the most impressive shapes.

The International Hair Freezing Contest started in February 2011 as a spin-off of the local Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous. After competing in winter sporting events all day, athletes from the rendezvous would head to Takhini to take a mineral bath in one of the pools fed by the area’s natural hot spring. The manager at the time turned the relaxation session into another competition when he asked bathers to sculpt their wet hair into frozen works of art. Whoever ended up with the best selfie won the contest.

~ Michelle Debczak Mental Floss Canada Hair Freezing Competition(, February 10, 2010)


Most of the blogs I have been reading the last week or so revolve around the crazy weather we have been having all across the continent.  I ran across the above article this morning, and thought I would share. Hope you’ve enjoyed!


Strangely enough, our weather in Parksville was great up until 7 days ago, it started snowing here exactly one week ago today. It was our first real snowfall of the winter. I look outside now and it’s really begun coming down again. It would be another “in” day for Brenda and me today, except we have pickleball this afternoon so I think we’ll definitely go. At least we can count on lots of playing time today. One look outside and I’m sure most of the others will be staying home!

Cold Weather


 Stay warm everyone … K.

15 thoughts on “Those Crazy “Canucks” …

  1. What a fun post! I really enjoyed learning about this tradition. The snow is still coming down around here, so I’ve stayed inside for the moment, but I am half tempted to wet my hair down and try to sprint through the neighborhood and shake my hair around. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start a new neighborhood winter tradition!

    • Haha!! If you actually do that, then that could be your next post! And it would sure give all your neighbors a lot to talk about, wouldn’t it? You’d be the talk of the neighborhood, Cecilia … 🤪 … thanks for your comments …

  2. Ha ha ha! We have a hot tub that is closed for the season … why? 1/2″ ice on it and the steps leading to it. I’ve told smirking friends that I’d rather close it till April than die of a turbo wedgie and a broken hip in my swim suit. I do miss it, but I will enjoy it again one the temperature is higher than my Age! 🙂 MJ

    • A turbo wedgie? Now that’s a new term for me, MJ! This is the BEST time of year for a hot tub! I usually go in it about 8 PM at night and love just lying there looking up at the dark sky. It hasn’t been cold enough here to try the hair freezing thing, but I wouldn’t be able to pull it off anyway due to the sparse crop I have on top. When I shovel the walks from the snow that fell last night morning you can bet I’ll also do my usual path to the hot tub too. Still shaking my head at “turbo wedgies” here … tmi, MJ … thanks for “weighing in” on the subject!

      • ha ha — sorry for the visual but yeah I could imagine skidding across the icy deck/patio on one hip, breaking it and getting a turbo wedgie in humiliation during it. And our boys finding me. Therapy for years! The Hot Tub will re-open in spring when getting into doesn’t tempt death 🙂 Cheers! MJ

    • Yes they are, bruno, and they would make for good subjects for one of your sketches! It’s finally beginning to look like spring is here! I hope your weather is improving too …

    • Haha! Not that I would be the right person to ask, Kate … but according to the article …

      Step 8: Let the hair completely freeze. It will become pure white with frost and ice. Don’t worry, your hair won’t break or snap off …
      Step 10: Dunk your head in the water. Your hair will instantly unfreeze and your head will be nice and warm again.

      Here’s the link to the article again …

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