Speaking Too Soon …

“A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.” ~ Winston S. Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, FRS, PC (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a British politician, army officer, and writer, who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. As Prime Minister, Churchill led Britain to victory in Europe in the Second World War. Churchill represented five constituencies during his career as Member of Parliament (MP). Ideologically an economic liberal and British imperialist, for most of his parliamentary career he was a member of the Conservative Party, which he led from 1940 to 1955, but for twenty years from 1904 was instead a member of the Liberal Party. A noted statesman, orator, and strategist, Churchill was also a prolific author. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 for his own historical writings, “for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values.” Out of respect for the well-known American author, Winston Churchill, Winston S. Churchill offered to use his middle initial in any works that he authored. ~ Wikipedia

So, the quote above has little or nothing to do with the subject of this particular post. My reason for beginning with Winston S. Churchill’s quote was that my posts tend to be on the long side, and I sometimes am reminded of that. However, I am not going to change for the sake of others … I write for me and it gives my retired gray matter some much-needed exercise. This is a shorter post though, at least when it comes to words …


IMG_0621So I awoke Saturday morning to the usual dark house. I am so looking forward to spring and summer and the longer days that accompany those seasons. The days are definitely starting earlier and getting longer now, but it is still dark when I get up. When I got up Saturday morning I did my usual blog reading while I had my morning coffee with the television news on so I could check the weather. I looked outside periodically, and as it got lighter I could see that there was some activity in the flower beds with some of the tulips beginning to poke through the soil. The weather was now on the television, and as I waited for them to get to the local weather, the meteorologist began talking about Alberta and the fact that it was -23C with the windchill making it feel like -34C. I immediately thought of my brother Jeff, went out to the garden with my trusty Canon DSLR in tow, took a couple of pictures of the tulips coming through the soil, and promptly texted him the pics.


We have had an unusual winter here, it snowed for about two hours earlier in January, but nothing really stuck to the streets and the only evidence that it had even snowed was the light dusting of white on the top of the flower beds. Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day here, and it got to about +9C, with the sun shining gloriously down upon all of us in Parksville. The couple of pictures I texted to Jeff were just my way of saying hello and that I was thinking of him as he was probably slogging through the driveway with his snowblower. And I hadn’t even taken my shovel out of the shed this winter! Jeff was NOT amused!



So I woke up Sunday morning, put my coffee and my iPad Mini on the small table near my chair, opened the blinds … it was still dark, but the flower beds seemed to be reflecting light this morning?

d&d wtf GIF by Hyper RPG

And here’s exactly what did happen Sunday morning when I opened the blinds. The pictures below were taken about 9 AM Sunday morning from the back patio and the inside of the garage door …




So here we are, it’s now Monday morning, and here’s what greeted me this morning as I opened the garage door after retrieving the shovel from the shed where it has been all winter … until this morning …

020419 Parksville Snow

020419 Parksville Snow (2)

I think I should keep my big mouth shut in the future! But after seeing all the extreme weather events in all the provinces and states east of us, I still feel very fortunate. After all, it is going to reach a high of -3C here in Parksville today which is a lot better than the “high” of -25C to -33C in Edmonton. I think it’s going to be an in kind of day today though. Just stay warm, wherever you are!


Till next time …


18 thoughts on “Speaking Too Soon …

  1. Beautiful photos.
    A few years back I wrote for another site and 90% of my posts were lonnnnng. I was also reminded that although my posts were rich in heart and content there were many people who might not even take the time, and some would pretend to but not really do it.

    And at that time I wrote purely because of (for) myself. In fact when I started, I never even expected anyone outside one friend to read my blog. Ha. But even though I was motivated only by me, and even though my posts were mini books about my life, I still collected an expansive comprehensive readership. I think it made me understand both sides, the lack of time to read versus the time spent writing, and the need and desire for depth and ineresting content. There is a bit of a battle going on between the two.

    Here on this website the majority of things I write are not long nor do they have such explicit deatails about my life. Two things I’m currentlyhapoy about. However, My heart prefers the longer more detailed posts, so thank you for doing you 🙂

    • Thanks, ec … I appreciate your comments. One of the reasons my posts have been longer, is that they were relatively infrequent because I was still working, and I had a lot to say when I got around to posting. I have done a few shorter posts the last while, but I have always figured that if somebody does follow me (even with the longer posts) they are following me because they want to, longer posts or not. And thanks for the encouragement … I will still do me.

  2. Love those photos of the tulips coming up! We awoke to snow today too for the first time since December 25th, 2017. Schools were closed, so we’re enjoying the first snow day in a long, long time. Stay warm as well!

    • Thanks, Cecilia … we have similar climates so I know that you have had snow as well. I only hope that this cold and snow doesn’t stick around too long and affect the growth of the tulips, hyacinth and trees now that they have begun to bud. I’ll stay warm with my sous vide, and you with your new air fryer I just read about!

  3. … what I love about living where we have all 4 seasons is that they each make me appreciate the next one. We were without power for 2 days, Hubbs and I lasted about 26 hours without heat, the house was about 50F when we bailed and went to our son’s (who admonished us for not coming over sooner). Spent the night there, warm and laughing, and all was well. Power came on the next day ~ and we’re readying for another storm tomorrow night into Wednesday. Spring is looking better all the time 🙂


    • Spring was looking really good until a week ago! Glad you were safe and warm, MJ, two days without power in those freezing temperatures is no fun at all. Glad you and Hubbs are well, and hopefully you won’t have to cocoon again! Stay safe and warm …

  4. Sorry Keith, to march in and on your terrain…. I only just read your ‚about‘ and I thought How strange it is that so many people I know always feel they have to apologize for their ‚long writings‘…. How about novellists then, or writers of huge tomes on history, biographies etc? Has one of them ever apologized? Thought so.
    Why would I stumble over your statement, as well as about ‚keeping your big mouth shut‘?! Because I‘m exactly the same…. and we poor undervalued contributors to filling the large void with our voices, opinions, musings, jokes, we have to hold together, don‘t we?
    But I‘m sharing with you the one quote that changed all of this for me. It‘s coming from a letter, a well known Swiss writer named Gottfried Keller (19th century) sent to a friend of his: Forgive me for writing such a long letter, I didn‘t have time to keep it short…. After inhaling that I never apologized again for my long letters!
    GK also coined another suitable sentence to this post: Nur durch den Winter wird der Lenz errungen – You only can gain spring by batling through winter (or similar).
    I hope to pop in again from time to time and enjoy more of your writing. You‘re doing super well in my opinion.

    • No need to be sorry, Kiki, and thanks for your comments. Now you’re sounding like an honorary Canadian, it’s us Canucks who always say we are sorry!
      Your points are well taken regarding novelists and writers of huge tomes on history or biographies. That statement is so very true.
      Oh, and I am adding those two quotes from Gottfried Keller to my collection as we speak, thank you for those as well! Of course you’re welcome here anytime, and thanks for your encouragement and I’ll see you around WP I am sure!

    • Ha! No thanks, Erin … the snow is finally almost gone and we can see the streets and the tulips popping up again, but it’s still cold here which is highly unusual for us! How about if we both just hold out hope for each other that our spring is almost here for both of us? Thanks for your comment and the offer though, although with all due respect you are welcome to keep it there!

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