Frosty Update!

It was extremely wet here with high winds over night, and here is the condition I found Frosty in this morning when I opened the blinds in my office … too much eggnog for him perhaps?IMG_0570


But his smile came back when I took him back to the warmth of the garage … little does he know however, that as soon as I figure out what to use as weights for his base so he doesn’t try another attempt at a “Triple Axel” after he has his rum laced eggnog, it’s back to the front garden for him!


Poor Frosty … NOT!



10 thoughts on “Frosty Update!

    • Frosty was never really full of hot air anyway, at least not like me! He’s a “mesh” snowman with the lights interspersed throughout … but YOU of all people should know that, JLF!

  1. It’s so wonderful to have a good sense of humor through life, especially in times of Christmas when people tend to get down and out. Find joy in all the little things. Wishing you and your family the very best life has to offer for the New Year and all the Years to follow! Anne always

    • Glad it gave you a smile, Tracy. Frosty is all put away in the attic above the garage until next Christmas now, so he can’t get into too much trouble up there! Thanks for the positive comment …

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