Dear Mr President (POEM)

Wow … the wonderful thing about WordPress is that you periodically you often stumble into another blogger’s post that really moves you , which is how I managed to find myself in Ellie’s blog … from there … to there… to over there … to finally to here. It’s a lot like following the footsteps in the Family Circle comic strip. The beautiful thing is it turns out the journey in getting here was every bit as rewarding as the destination. This post deserved a reblog. From your friends in Canada, we hear you and stand side by side with those of you who stand up to this painfully poor excuse of a World Leader …

Ellie Haretuku

It’s not real, it’s a conspiracy, it just doesn’t exist.
A concept created by China to destroy the US.
It’s a complete delusion and irresponsible too,
To spread propaganda and call it “Fake news”.

With higher altitudes it’ll effect you last,
Higher tides, a lack of drinking water, it’ll be slightly warmer.
Meanwhile we’ve lost Fiji it’s been reclaimed by water.

When you accept and acknowledge that the problem is there,
And it’s a lot more real than your fake head of hair.
Then we can finally get together to right our wrongs,
I would hate to imagine if we waited too long.

So with water levels rising and the earth’s surface heating up,
Two more degrees and basically we’re fucked.
If that’s all that stands between us and total destruction,
The last thing we needed was your deduction.
By leaving an agreement that was meant to start the healing,

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