The Three Bones

A new beginning … a friend encouraged me today (without knowing), or rather, I should say inspired me today to begin a blog of my thoughts, beliefs, and innermost feelings. By nature, I am an extremely private person that shares only with close friends and relatives when it comes to my feelings and thoughts. I love the written word, and I am a voracious reader of many types of books and periodicals and although I am not an academic, I do fancy myself as one who knows how to put pen to paper when it comes to expression in the written form. I choose to start this blog, with an old story about a football coach from MSU, Duffy Daugherty, who would inspire his young Spartan players to have the three-bones philosophy. It is this philosphy, and these words, that inspired me when I first read them many years ago, so much so that I think about them every single day and I try and live my life in their wisdom. I hope you enjoy …

“It is important to have a philosphy of life. I encouraged all of our young Spartans at Michigan State University to have the three-bones philosophy.

The first bone I wanted them to have is a funny bone; to always have a sense of humour and to enjoy a good laugh each day, especially if it came at their own expense, and to take this reponsiblilty seriously, but never take themselves too seriously.

The second bone I wanted them to have is a wishbone; to think big so their seeds will grow, to hitch their wagon to the proverbial star, and to have high goals and lofty ideals.

The third and probably the most important bone is a backbone. This gives you the gumption, the get up and go, the courage, the desire to excel, the motivation to make all of your dreams come true and to reach all your high goals and ambitions.”
– Duffy Daugherty, MSU Spartans Coach

When I first read these words so many years ago, they truly resonated with me in a way that I understood and appreciated. Because these words have meant so much to me over the last several years, I thought it fitting that this new blog start with these words.

I have no idea how prolific I will be with this blog, I think for now I will try and limit myself to once per month posts as I feel my way through and decide what it is I want to write about and share. Writing and sharing is a very therapeutic way to deal with many of lifes challenges, a putting to paper of thoughts so to speak. I only hope I do this blog justice, so that those of you who happen to stumble upon it will enjoy it and reflect on it even if only fleetingly. Enjoy and until next time …

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